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Thermal Acoustic Insulation

Commercial & Residential Construction

QUATTRO Reflective Insulation: The Star Of Your Building Envelope

QUATTRO Insulation is an ideal all-in-one solution for multiple applications. It can be used as an insulation material, vapor barrier and roof membrane. It is thin, multi-reflective and has 4 layers of aluminum multi-layer insulation material, which are thermally welded across all its surfaces.

QUATTRO does not retain heat – instead, QUATTRO reflects it like a mirror for optimal comfort in the building, summer and winter. Ultra-thin, flexible and light, it takes up little space, is easy to install and adapts to all surfaces. QUATTRO reflective insulation can be used independently or in conjunction with mass insulation.


  • Cladding
  • Exterior walls
  • Under raised “floating” wooden floor
  • Industrial buildings
  • Roof from the outside
  • Interior walls
  • Under floorboards with air gaps
  • Under screed with/without floor heating
  • Roof from inside
  • Supplementary insulation by vapor barrier


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