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Reusable Vacuum Bagging


Reusable Vacuum Bagging for the Composite Industry

Save time, labor cost, and dumpster space with Smartech Reusable Vacuum Bagging. Tell us about your products, sizes, and processes, and together we’ll determine which bagging material and method will work best for you.

We take your business and need for confidentiality very seriously. So while we would love to share the names of the composite manufacturers who have improved their processes with Smartech bags, that’s just not how we roll. Contact us with your NDA and then let’s talk more about your application and how we can help provide the maximum performance you expect from a reusable bag.


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Your Vacuum Bagging Process is Important To Us

Your end product depends is based on the excellence of your bagging material. This will determine the amount and uniformity of resin in your part, its consolidation and the elimination of voids.

That’s why we stock a wide variety of bagging material, to help with any job you undertake.

Don’t be shy if you’ve got a question about the right material for your process. Call us now at 704-362-1922!

About Vacuum Bags

You already know that you can make a vacuum bag out of anything.

There are only three essential requirements:

1. That the bag be strong enough to create a vacuum.

2. That is be supple enough to mold to the part it’s bagging.

3. That it maintain these characteristics under high temperatures.

However, bags must also withstand all of your handling at layup, not wrinkle, provide a complete seal and conform to the deepest channels in a part. Smartech’s high elongation materials virtually eliminate bridging without creating folds.


Our Reusable Bags

Steinbach’s new reusable bags offer a great improvement over throw-aways by helping you save money, time and resources.

Complete more projects with easy repeatability.

We only use the highest strength silicone materials, which can sustain perfect negative pressure and withstand temperatures of nearly 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our bags are made to your custom specifications and are open on all four sides. Steinbach’s material widths will cover the majority of industrial applications, and their high elongation mixtures will help you avoid bridging.

We help you by providing options you just can’t find everywhere else. Let us show you the power and utility that comes from Smartech’s reusable silicone sheeting.

Advantages of Reusable Vacuum Bags

Enjoy reduced cost use, fewer expendable materials and waste products, savings in labor, minimal creative steps, increased part consistency and complexity.

Your specific requirements will be matched to our variety of silicone bags. Vertically or horizontally oriented vacuum valves, as well as thermo-couple pass-through fittings provide the options your application requires.

You can enjoy all the money and time saving benefits of our progressive materials and quality construction right now. Just call us today!

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