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PTFE Coated Sheets & Transport Belts

PTFE Applications

Smartech offers a wide range of different PTFE coated materials for various applications. We offer a wide range of thicknesses and PTFE content for use as release sheets and transport belts, including anti-static sheets and high PTFE content (66%).

Some materials are also available with a self-adhesive backing. If you’re in need of highly durable PTFE sheets, make Smartech your partner.

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The Basics of PTFE

PTFE or polytetrafluoroethylene is a plastic that has a variety of different uses. To the average person, PTFE is known by brand names such as Teflon, 3M Dyneon, Fluon, and Polyflon. However, while it may be commonly known for its use as a non-stick coating on pans, PTFE has many more uses.  PTFE can be found in a wide variety of industries, including woodworking, solar panel manufacturing, chemical processing, oil and gas, electrical, construction, medical, and other industries. We work with organizations in many of these industries, providing PTFE solutions to a wide range of needs.

Fun fact: PTFE was discovered in 1938 by accident!! After more testing and experimentation, it becomes commercially available nine years later. Its discovery jump-started research into fluoropolymers and led to the development of a number of these compounds.

The Properties of PTFE

The properties of PTFE are what make it such a valuable and flexible material. While there are other materials with some of these properties, few can do everything PTFE can do:

  • Low friction coefficient
  • Good light and UV resistance
  • Good weather resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Good electrical insulation in wet and hot areas
  • Good heat/cold resistance
  • Great anti-adhesion/anti-stick properties
  • Low dissipation factor
  • Great flexibility
  • Available in high-purity, medical, and food-safe grades
  • Low absorption of water

PTFE can be continuously used in environments where the temperature is go up to 260°C. It’s highly stable at temperatures below 440°C and shows no obvious degradation in these environments.

Where is PTFE Used?

You’ll find PTFE used in a wide variety of industries for many different applications. Any application that requires high heat, high purity, chemical inertness, or self-lubricating properties may need PTFE. Here are a few common uses:

• In the automotive industry, PTFE is often used to create fuel hose linings, valve stem seals, gaskets, O-rings, and shaft seals.
• Engineering uses of PTFE include bearings, pipe coating, plugs, fittings, valves, pump parts, and non-stick applications.
• The medical industry makes use of PTFE in heart patches, ligament replacements, and cardiovascular grafts.
• In the chemical industry, PTFE is used to coat pumps, heat exchangers, impellers, diaphragms, reaction vessels, containers, tanks, and other parts.
• Electrical manufacturers use PTFE for insulation, to create semiconductor parts, and to make circuit boards.

While cookware is a common use of PTFE, many people come into contact with items that use PTFE on a regular basis. These include medical instruments, testing equipment, medical implants, car parts, and many other common items.

Adding Carbon to PTFE

Carbon can be added to PTFE to give it anti-static properties. Carbon will also increase hardness of PTFE and to improve its thermal conductivity. When carbon and graphite are added, the wear resistance is improved even more. These fillers are ideal for applications that will not involve any form of lubrication. Graphite also improves the durability of the PTFE and decreases the friction coefficient.

Contact Smartech Today to Learn More

Now that you know a little more about PTFE applications, you may find that it’s the ideal material for your next project. We can provide a wide range of PTFE-coated sheets in various sizes to fit many different project requirements. Contact us at 704-216-4124 to talk to one of our PTFE experts about your needs.


PTFE Coated Glass Fabric

Ideal for use as release sheets and light-duty transport belts in solar panel laminators. Steinbach’s range of materials have found other uses as well. Call us and tell us more about your application. Together we’ll figure out which of our PTFE coated materials will work best for you.

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PTFE Coated Heavy-Duty Transport Belting

For heavy-duty conveyor belt requirements that also need to have non-stick properties, Steinbach offers materials from 0.36mm thick all the way to 0.95mm thick. Let us know more about your production needs or to request samples.

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PTFE Coated Kevlar

If your situation calls for strength beyond what glass fabric can provide, Steinbach also has a variety of PTFE coated Kevlar materials in thicknesses ranging from 0.13mm to 0.425mm.

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PTFE Coated Open-Mesh

Strong, breathable, flexible and durable – open-mesh PTFE serves as breather material in vacuum bags and conveyor belts in a variety of industries. Steinbach has a variety of thicknesses, mesh sizes, and substrate materials to suit a myriad of purposes.

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adhesive back

PTFE with Self-Adhesive Backing

So this is tricky – how do you make a sticker out of a non-stick material?

You don’t need to know the answer to that – just know that Steinbach offers several of their PTFE materials with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. Cut to size if you need it that way, these can be applied to a variety of surfaces.

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