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Thermal and Acoustic Insulation 

Vehicle, Equipment, & Machinery Insulation

Industrial & Automotive Insulation

We team up with Steinbach of Germany to offer a wide range of industrial thermal and acoustic insulation products. Industrial thermal and acoustic insulation are needed in a myriad of ways to reduce sound and heat.

These include the following:

  • Pipe and valve enclosures
  • Machine enclosures
  • HVAC systems
  • Engine bays
  • Automotive and equipment applications such as in exhaust systems, engine compartment and cabin.

Steinbach is a leading manufacturer of custom-designed and custom-cut insulation materials. Their decades of experience, excellent quality, and superior service combine to save our customers time and increase their product’s value. From design through customization and delivery, our partnership ensures that every customer receives the highest quality materials and seamless service.

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Steinbach Industrial Insulation Applications

Proper insulation is critical in industrial facilities for both thermal and acoustic performance. Thermal insulation reduces energy costs, while acoustic treatments improve health and safety by minimizing noise pollution. With a range of insulative products from Steinbach, we provide customizable thermal and acoustic solutions to streamline industrial building performance. Industrial-grade Steinbach insulation effectively addresses thermal and noise issues in demanding settings:

Industrial Insulation

Thermal insulation helps maintain optimal temperatures and energy efficiency by preventing heat gain/loss in pipes, tanks, boilers and more. Materials like fiberglass, mineral wool, and calcium silicate effectively resist thermal conduction. Acoustic insulation blocks unwanted noise from radiating through walls, ceilings and equipment. 

Automotive Insulation

Effective insulation is vital in automotive applications. Acoustic insulation added to vehicle cabins, doors, and hoods absorbs noise and vibration from the engine and surroundings for a quieter ride. Exhaust insulation protects vehicle components from high heat while preventing burns. Insulation wraps or sleeves on engine compartments and exhaust systems also reduce noise emission. With a complete selection of Steinbach thermal and acoustic insulation products, we can meet any insulation need with customizable sound dampening and heat protection for all types of vehicles and exhaust systems.

Selecting the Right Industrial Insulation for Your Application

Selecting the ideal insulation for industrial and automotive applications requires understanding of specific needs and environmental factors. Cellular makeup like porosity, cell size, as well as the density and thickness of the material, significantly influence its efficiency in noise reduction. Moreover, thermal properties and resistance to external elements are vital. 

Uncertain about your choice? Contact the experts at Smartech; we can guide you to the perfect insulation solution for your needs.

FAQs on Steinbach Industrial & Automotive Insulation

What materials are commonly used for Steinbach's noise insulation solutions?

Steinbach’s noise insulation solutions are predominantly made of polyurethane foam (polyether) with variations such as lamination with grey polyurethane foil, bitumen, or two glass fiber mats separated by bitumen foil​.

How do the temperature ranges vary among Steinbach's heat insulation products?

Steinbach’s heat insulation materials are designed to function in varying temperature ranges. For instance, the M 1765 is designed for temperatures between -40°F and 482°F​, while the S 3210 operates between -40°F and 250°F​​.

Are there any Steinbach insulation materials designed with resistance to oil, gasoline, and water?

Yes, the S 3307/2.1-10 insulation material is not only airborne sound insulating but is also resistant to the penetration and solubilization of oil, gasoline, diesel, and water​​.

Which Steinbach product provides both sound absorption and heat insulation with a perforated aluminum foil?

The M 1765 is designed for sound absorption and heat insulation and features a perforated aluminum foil​.

What is the S 3500 insulation material made of and what are its temperature specifications?

The S 3500 is a heat insulation material made of closed-cell polyethylene foam (PE foam) available in both adhesive and non-adhesive variants. It can function in temperatures ranging from 58°F to 195°F​.

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