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PTFE Coasted Sheets & Transport Belts

PTFE Coated Kevlar

PTFE Coated Kevlar

With Kevlar as the base fabric, these belting materials are excellent for exceptionally tough mechanical applications that require high levels of flexibility. The superior characteristics of PTFE+Kevlar products result in increased productivity, longer cycle life and overall lower operating costs. Uses that benefit from the added strength of Kevlar include freezing of food products, pressing plywood and chipboard, and conveyor belting for various industrial processes. Listed below is Steinbach’s most popular type, but call us to discuss the other available options.

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Product Details


Technical Data

  • PTFE Content in the Coating: 57%
  • Color / Anti-Static Properties: tan
  • Thickness: 0.43 mm
  • Max. Width: 2200 mm
  • Tensile Strength: 251 lbs/inches
  • Temperature Resistance: 220°C / 428°F

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