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Thermal Acoustic Insulation

Commercial & Residential Construction

QUATTRO Reflective Insulation for Construction

QUATTRO Insulation is an ideal all-in-one solution for multiple applications. It can be used as an insulation material, vapor barrier and roof membrane. It is thin, multi-reflective and has 4 layers of aluminum multi-layer insulation material, which are thermally welded across all its surfaces.

QUATTRO does not retain heat – instead, QUATTRO reflects it like a mirror for optimal comfort in the building, summer and winter. Ultra-thin, flexible and light, it takes up little space, is easy to install and adapts to all surfaces. QUATTRO reflective insulation can be used independently or in conjunction with mass insulation.


  • Cladding
  • Exterior walls
  • Under raised “floating” wooden floor
  • Industrial buildings
  • Roof from the outside
  • Interior walls
  • Under floorboards with air gaps
  • Under screed with/without floor heating
  • Roof from inside
  • Supplementary insulation by vapor barrier


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Benefits of Reflective Insulation

QUATTRO reflective insulation serves a number of purposes in residential and commercial construction:

  • Vapor Barrier

Reflective insulation acts as an efficient vapor barrier, preventing moisture intrusion and protecting the structural integrity of buildings and materials.

  • Insulating Material

Durability: Reflective insulation materials are durable and can offer long-lasting performance.

Reflective Power: High-quality reflective insulation can deflect a significant percentage of radiant heat, enhancing its insulating capability and maintaining a comfortable interior temperature.

  • Roof Membrane

The flexibility of reflective insulation allows it to be deployed either above or below a roof, serving as an effective roof membrane. This protective layer minimizes energy losses due to airflows.

QUATTRO reflective insulation provides an all-in-one solution for various insulation needs. Learn more about how QUATTRO can improve your next build.

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Where to Use QUATTRO Reflective Insulation


QUATTRO insulation offers a superior solution for a number of commercial and residential construction applications:

  • Metal Buildings

QUATTRO reflective insulation is ideal for metal buildings. Its properties ensure that heat doesn’t easily penetrate or escape, addressing the inherent challenges of metal structures which can often become too hot in summer or too cold in winter.

  • New Construction

For new builds, using QUATTRO reflective insulation during the construction phase ensures long-term energy efficiency, laying the foundation for a structure with optimized thermal properties.

  • Roof Interior/Exterior

Whether applied on the interior or exterior, QUATTRO insulation provides a robust barrier, reflecting radiant heat and offering enhanced protection from external elements.

  • Walls and Floors

To minimize energy transfer through walls and floors, QUATTRO insulation can be effectively integrated, ensuring that interiors remain comfortable regardless of external temperature fluctuations.

FAQs on Reflective Insulation for the Construction Industry

What is reflective insulation and how does it work?

Reflective insulation is designed to reflect radiant heat rather than absorb it. Made usually from aluminum foils with backings like plastic film or cardboard, it reduces the transfer of radiant heat across the air space between the roof and the insulation.

Is reflective insulation suitable for both residential and commercial projects?

Absolutely! Reflective insulation is versatile and can be utilized in both residential homes and larger commercial structures, offering effective thermal resistance.

Can reflective insulation be used in conjunction with other insulation types?

Yes, it can complement traditional insulations like fiberglass or foam, enhancing the overall thermal performance of the structure.

How does reflective insulation benefit in energy savings?

By reflecting radiant heat rather than absorbing it, reflective insulation helps in maintaining desired interior temperatures, leading to reduced energy consumption for heating or cooling.

Is installation of reflective insulation complex?

Reflective insulation is relatively straightforward to install, especially when compared to other insulation types. However, correct installation is crucial to maximize its efficiency, so following manufacturer guidelines or consulting with experts is recommended.

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