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QUATTRO Insulation for Metal Buildings & Warehouses

QUATTRO Reflective Insulation for Metal Buildings

We have partnered with QUATTRO to provide superior insulation solutions for metal buildings. QUATTRO Multi-Layered Reflective Insulation serves as an efficient insulation material, a robust vapor barrier, and a durable roof membrane. Its unique design features a thin, multi-reflective four-layer aluminum structure, all thermally welded to ensure maximum insulation efficiency.

QUATTRO’s applications in metal buildings include:

  • Cladding and exterior walls
  • Under raised “floating” wooden floors
  • Industrial buildings and roof insulation, both from outside and inside
  • Interior walls
  • Under floorboards with air gaps and under screed, with or without floor heating
  • As supplementary insulation and a vapor barrier

QUATTRO is renowned for its effectiveness in reflecting heat, ensuring optimal thermal comfort in buildings throughout the year. Its ultra-thin, flexible, and lightweight composition allows for easy installation and versatility in application. QUATTRO insulation can be used independently or in combination with other insulation types, enhancing its insulating properties and making it an ideal choice for a wide range of metal building applications.

QUATTRO Insulation for Metal Buildings & Warehouses

Prevent Condensation in Metal Buildings & Warehouses with QUATTRO Insulation

Because of its design, QUATTRO insulation is an effective condensation barrier when used on the interior of a building. This is how it works: The two outer aluminum layers in the multi-layer reflective insulation will match the temperature of the air on the side to which they are exposed, and the dewpoint temperature is then locked inside the product between those layers. Because QUATTRO has three interior layers of closed cell dry air, it simply does not allow condensation to form.

QUATTRO insulation stands out in the market for its adaptability and efficacy in metal buildings and warehouses. Its reflective technology is key in these environments, where controlling internal temperatures and moisture levels is crucial. In metal buildings and warehouses, QUATTRO serves a dual purpose. First, it acts as a thermal barrier, reflecting heat during summers and retaining warmth during winters. Second, as a vapor barrier, it prevents moisture build-up, crucial in large metal structures prone to condensation.

Key Benefits of QUATTRO Insulation for Metal Structures

  • Energy Efficiency: QUATTRO’s reflective properties significantly reduce heat transfer, leading to substantial energy savings.
  • Moisture and Condensation Control: Acting as a vapor barrier, QUATTRO prevents moisture intrusion, a common issue in metal buildings and warehouses.
  • Space Optimization: Its ultra-thin design means insulation without the bulk, maximizing usable space in warehouses and other metal structures.
  • Sound Absorption: A metal roof can be noisy when it rains. However, the noise can be drastically reduced by installing QUATTRO under the metal roof panels. QUATTRO has a noise attenuation of ∆Lw=22dB.
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FAQs on QUATTRO Insulation for Metal Buildings and Warehouses

Can QUATTRO Insulation reduce noise in metal buildings and warehouses?

Yes, QUATTRO’s layered structure also provides acoustic insulation, reducing external noise for a quieter internal environment.

Is QUATTRO Insulation fire-resistant?

QUATTRO incorporates fire-resistant materials in its design, enhancing the safety of metal buildings and warehouses.

How does QUATTRO Insulation impact the structural integrity of buildings?

Its lightweight nature puts minimal stress on structures, making it ideal for both new constructions and renovations.

Can QUATTRO Insulation be customized for specific building dimensions?

Yes, QUATTRO Insulation can be tailored to fit various shapes and sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for any metal building or warehouse.

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