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Top 5 Uses for Paper Thermometers

Top 5 Uses for Paper Thermometers

Smartech offers custom perforated paper thermometer sheets with 24 strips per sheet with a temperature range of 130°-200°F. Paper thermometer sheets by Smartech are already perforated for your convenience, which significantly cuts down on any hand-trimming and cost, making these an economical and efficient choice for temperature indicator strips across a wide range of industrial and commercial industries. A sheet of 24 paper thermometers allows you to easily peel and stick an individual paper thermometer strip, and paper thermometer sheets can be purchased in bulk with Smartech to offer even greater cost savings.

Here are the top 5 uses for paper thermometers.

Food Safety
Foodservice industries understand the importance of food safety and sanitation standards, including commercial dishwashers at restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other foodservice locations. Paper thermometer labels are a key aspect of food safety and effective sanitation. Ensuring your commercial dishwasher and other sanitation efforts are proper and effective, paper thermometer strips can help easily indicate temperature labels that confirm the appropriate temperatures have been met for proper sanitation. Food and beverage production settings must also follow strict standards and guidelines to ensure surfaces used to prepare foods have been cleaned and sanitized effectively.

Metal Coating
Metal and coil coating industries recognize the importance of temperature in their processes so that the metal can cure properly. Construction and automotive industries rely on metal and coil coatings that have been heated, cured, cooled, and rolled for use in a wide range of products. Precoated metals also help to streamline production processes and can lower costs across a variety of applications. Temperature labels are key to ensuring the coatings on the metals cure at the proper temperature, and paper thermometer sheets are an easy and inexpensive way to confirm the effectiveness of these coatings.

Wood Products
Manufacturing wood products such as furniture, doors, and cabinets incorporate temperature labels and gauges with overlay and veneer applications. Wood products manufacturing industries depend on even and uniform heating while pressing these products and also for the curing process. Whether you are using laminations or manufactured substrates like particleboard, heating applications must be uniform to ensure the desired results. Paper thermometers can provide an easy and economical option to help ensure that all required temperatures have been reached throughout the process.

Screen Printing
Screen printing and garment manufacturing utilize temperature labels and gauge heat applications throughout their processes. Heat press platens and conveyor dryers use various adjusted temperatures to ensure the proper cure of a print. Improper temperature settings can lead to prints that crack or even ruin a garment. Garments can require different curing temperatures based on their fabrics, and special labels for temperature testing that are easy to use and work at a range of temperatures can help support these processes working across a variety of temperatures and settings.

3D Lamination
The 3D lamination industry utilizes paper thermometers for temperature readings so that all products are seamless, durable, and consistent in quality. Modern lamination systems depend on critical tools like paper temperature strips to support the process and confirm temperature settings every step of the way. With peel and stick paper thermometer strips, these labels can be applied to multiple different areas across a surface to help verify that the heating is consistent. Avoid uneven heat applications across 3D lamination products with the help of paper thermometer strips offered with Smartech and help ensure your products can withstand the test of time.

Paper thermometer strips offered by Smartech online can be purchased in bulk and utilized across a wide range of industries and commercial applications. Purchase these durable and dependable temperature indicator strips with Smartech and ensure your products are reaching and maintaining desired temperatures, whatever the application may be. These paper thermometer sheets work within a wide range of temperatures from 130°-200°F. Avoid premature product failure caused by poor or uneven temperatures through your manufacturing processes by choosing a cost-effective investment in these easy-to-use products.

Visit Smartech online and speak with our experts and quality customer service representatives to learn more about how our paper thermometer sheets can benefit your project needs. Our team at Smartech will help you determine the most appropriate purchase options so you can ensure the best results for every future project with our paper thermometer sheets.

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