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More Choices – More Value

More Choices – More Value

We are excited that Steinbach has added two great choices to their Solar Membrane/Diaphragm/Blanket/Bladder line-up. For those of you that have been paying attention, that’s a 100% increase! So now in addition to Steinbach’s patented EVA-resistant Lamibran® Diaphragm and their equally popular grey, durometer 55 silicone, we are proud to provide two more options to PV Module manufacturers.

Blue, Durometer 50, Type STBB
Designed specifically for the glass lamination industry, this material has 350% elongation and high temperature resistance – up to 230°C. This of course makes it equally well-suited to the solar industry. Available in seamless widths up to 3500mm, Steinbach’s STBB silicone mixture will fit the largest of laminators. High cycle life and affordable pricing make this a great option.

Red, Durometer 58, Type STMB 3003
Best practices have shown that certain brands of laminators work best with stiffer diaphragms. If your laminator falls in this category, Steinbach’s STMB 3003 is available up to 3000mm wide. With a stiffer durometer 58 yet with 310% elongation, this material is ideally suited to the requirements of PV module lamination.

Both of these new materials have one smooth side and one with a texture. Customers tell us that using the textured side toward the panels doesn’t transfer the texture to the backsheet and helps prevent the diaphragm from sticking to the panels or the PTFE release sheet.

But this is only the beginning. In early 2017 Steinbach’s new 3200mm wide Rotocure D320 calendar will begin production in Germany. This new system will allow for incredible flexibility and innovation when it comes to flexible manufacturing materials. As the only Made-in-Germany supplier of wider silicone and other elastomeric materials, Steinbach is uniquely positioned to tailor their production to the solar industry’s needs and expectations. Contact us for samples and pricing!

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