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5 Industrial Applications for Steinbach Rubber Membranes

5 Industrial Applications for Steinbach Rubber Membranes

Smartech International offers Steinbach rubber membranes for use in a wide range of industrial applications. Steinbach is well-known across industries for creating trusted products and solutions for 3D lamination, manufacturers, and membrane press experts. Steinbach rubber membranes offered with Smartech International are high-quality and effective membranes for a variety of contexts. The term rubber membrane is also interchangeable with terms like a rubber bladder or diaphragm. Choose Steinbach rubber membranes from Smartech International for all your industrial, manufacturing, and project needs.

Here are five industrial applications for the wide variety of Steinbach rubber membranes available at your source for all things Steinbach, Smartech International:

3D Lamination
Steinbach has worked closely with the 3D lamination industry to determine the most beneficial products and services needed in this industry. Silicone and rubber membranes are most commonly used in 3D lamination projects because their design, appearance, and texture are ideal for this industry. Silicone and rubber membranes are highly durable and also have a consistent appearance and texture. Smartech has a list of rubber membrane options that are textured, smooth, and come in a variety of colors.

Rubber membranes are also beneficial in a variety of manufacturing contexts where products and machinery are frequently utilized at temperatures as high as 120 degrees Celcius or 248 degrees Fahrenheit. Smartech International has Steinbach rubber membranes made of natural rubber with textured or matte surfaces depending on the needs of the specific manufacturing purposes and machinery requirements.

Energy Applications
There is a range of energy applications for Steinbach rubber membranes offered through Smartech International, as well. Energy applications may include, but are not limited to, high-quality membranes for clients in the solar and energy industries. Rubber membrane sheets with Smartech will always be high-quality and our customer service representatives can help you determine whether a smooth or textured surface is more appropriate for your energy applications.

Environmental Applications
Rubber sheet membranes from Smartech International can also be utilized in environmental applications in silicone, rubber, and natural membranes with textured or smooth surfaces. You may be interested in rubber membrane materials to create re-usable materials or for expansion joints in various applications and projects.

Steinbach’s high-quality rubber membranes are also highly beneficial for the woodworking industry. Clients in the woodworking industry will appreciate the high quality and attention to detail with the range of rubber membrane options available at Smartech International. Silicone and rubber membranes are most commonly selected for woodworking projects due to their high durability and their more consistent appearance and texture options.

Additional Projects
If you are interested in using rubber membranes for an additional project not listed here, then our customer service representatives at Smartech can help you find the right rubber sheet membrane.

How Durometers Affect Rubber Sheet Membrane Use
Rubber sheet membranes can come in three standard durometer values that signify how hard the rubber is for that particular rubber sheet membrane. The three types of durometers are Type A, Type D, and Type 00. Type A rubber membranes signify soft rubber, while Type D is used to define hard rubber. Type 00 is used for sponge and foam rubber sheet membrane use. The hardness of the membrane is set by this international standard and measured by making an indention in the rubber. The rubber membrane hardness value is then set in durometers to determine the most appropriate uses and applications for the rubber membrane you need.

Textured and Smooth Rubber Membrane Surfaces
Rubber sheet membranes can come in both textured and smooth surfaces to better address the needs across a wide range of industries and applications. The textured or smooth surface impacts the usage and needs of the rubber membrane. A textured or smooth rubber membrane is not inherently better than the other. Instead, the context for the usage determines whether a textured or smooth rubber membrane surface is more beneficial. Additionally, the color of the rubber membrane surfaces is actually used to indicate the durometer of the rubber membrane and does not have any bearing on the effectiveness of material. Smartech offers a range of Steinbach rubber membrane color options that can make it easier to tell how thick a rubber membrane may be.

Whether you need a rubber membrane with a smooth surface and high-gloss finish or a matte and textured surface to improve heat transfer, Smartech has the rubber sheet membrane that will best suit the needs of your project and industrial applications.

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