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Silicone Diaphragms for Solar

Lamibran® EVA-Resistant Diaphragm


Lamibran® EVA-Resistant Diaphragm

The special 2nd black layer on Steinbach’s patented Lamibran® Diaphragm resists the vapors that EVA releases during the lamination process. These vapors cause unprotected silicone to become brittle after roughly 3000 cycles. Our customers that switch from solid silicone to the Lamibran® Diaphragm report cycle counts climbing well past ten thousand. The additional material investment lasts far longer and saves the labor cost of frequently changing the diaphragm. Call us today and let us know what type of module you’re making as well as your type of laminator, and we’ll see if Steinbach’s Lamibran® would be a good option for you!

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Product Details

Lamibran® EVA-Resistant Diaphragm
3.2mm thick, 2ply - both sides smooth

Technical Data

  • Durometer: combination of 55° and 80°
  • Elongation: 180%
  • Max. Seamless Width: 3100 mm
  • Max Temperature: 200°C / 392°F

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