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Paper Thermometer

Paper Thermometer

At Smartech, we offer custom perforated paper thermometer sheets of 24 strips each (rather than just 8) with a temperature range of 130-200°F. The strips arrive already perforated to avoid the hassle of hand-trimming and to help cut down on costs.

Best practice is to test each press load – these strips make it easy and affordable to make sure your glue line is getting up to the proper temperature to prevent costly delamination down the road.

Price: $16.40 each
$15.80 for 10+
$15.00 for 50+

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What are Paper Thermometers?

Smartech paper thermometer strips give accurate temperature indications and are easy to use in a wide variety of settings. Choose the right amount of Smartech paper temperature strips to meet your needs, with 24 strips per sheet and cost savings for purchasing sheets in multiples of ten and twenty.

Each paper thermometer temperature indicator strip is sealed and safeguarded with a clear plastic overlay that allows for easy visibility of white to black color changes and temperature indicators from 130 to 200°F. Simply peel one pre-perforated indicator strip from the sheet of 24 and press it onto your product. Each paper strip comes with self-adhesive to bond easily to your MDF part going into the press.

Significance of Paper Thermometer Strips

Paper thermometer temperature indicator strips will help indicate whether you have reached the desired temperature. You know that if your adhesive doesn’t reach its cure temperature, the costly delaminated products will come back and eat up your profit. Smartech’s paper thermometer strips are an economical and easy to use option.

Best practice dictates that each press load needs a temperature strip to verify the correct temperature was reached in each press cycle. Guessing and assuming can be costly short-cuts.

Smartech paper thermometer strips are pre-perforated and come in sets of 24 per sheet so you can use one each cycle at minimal cost. These cost-effective tools can help avoid premature product failure and extend the life of your product by offering clearly visible white to black temperature ranges to adjust and verify the correct temperatures of your processes.

To learn more about Smartech’s paper temperature indicator strips and how they can benefit you, call or visit us online to talk with our experts and receive quality customer experience and learn more about our paper thermometer product details.

Product Details

Paper Thermometer

  • Strips per Sheet: 24
  • Temperature Range: 130° - 200° F

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