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Extech Temperature Sensors

At Smartech, we offer the Extech thermometer that provides non-contact measurements of surface temperatures via infrared energy. This way, you can double-check the actual temperatures of your laminate, MDF, and membrane prior to your press cycles. We know we’ve been harping on this with alot of our pressroom tools, but guessing and assuming that your press is up to temperature is nearly a guarantee for failed parts and warranty claims. The infrared laser pointer delivers immediate and highly accurate thermal measurements. We also carry the probe that can attach to the thermometer to extend your reach into the press.

Price: $140.00 + UPS Shipping from Charlotte, NC

Type K Temperature Probe: $84.00 + UPS Shipping from Charlotte, NC

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Infrared Temperature Management

The Extech thermometer is an infrared thermometer that allows for quick temperature measurements from a safe distance. Infrared thermometers may be required in settings where other types of thermometers are not practical, allowing for measurements to be taken from a safe distance. The handheld infrared thermometer allows for mobility in temperature measurements – to check across the surface of the membrane.

Usage Guidelines for the Extech Thermometer

Measurements with the Extech thermometer should be taken from two feet from the targeted area when possible. While the Extech thermometer can take thermal measurements from further distances, external light sources may interfere with the measurements.

The Extech thermometer allows for both manual and automatic measurements. For manual measurements, the Extech thermometer can be used with the trigger function activated so you can aim the thermometer toward the target and scan for measurements with the trigger compressed. The Extech thermometer trigger enables the infrared laser and the temperature will appear on the flat panel display with easy visibility. The automatic measurements do not require the use of the trigger and will instead provide continuous measurements as you guide the Extech thermometer across the desired area.

Applications for the Extech Infrared Thermometer

The Extech thermometer offers a wide range of applications across commercial and industrial environments for non-contact temperature measurements. But for 3DL operations, it provides another step in crucial quality assurance by evaluating the temperature to determine whether your board, 3D Laminate, and press are in the appropriate temperature ranges. The Extech thermometer provides fast and accurate temperature readings with high repeatability and consistency.

The Extech thermometer may also be used to compare the temperature of two spots, so you’re warned of temperature changes or variations across a continuous area. The Extech thermometer will detect hot or cold spots through a continuous scan of the region from a safe distance. The handheld design of the Extech thermometer allows for easy and fast temperature measurements for a variety of products.

Benefits of the Extech Infrared Thermometer

How many times should we say it??


There – we said it again. Stop guessing – know for certain that your materials and press are at the optimum temperature for your adhesive to work its magic. This product makes knowing super easy so you can catch issues before they become problems. Give yourself the confidence of knowing that your quality product will build up your company’s reputation.

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